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A Wing and a Prayer

Love it seems made flying dreams so hearts could Soar

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I write because I cannot seem to speak as deeply as I live.


If I cannot fly, teach me to sing.


Disclaimer: READ ME before reading my journal

waiting for rain is love
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My song from summonillusion: http://natewentbaka.ukepile.com/midi/people/featherhawk.mid

"We don't read and write poetry because it's cute. We read and write poetry because we are members of the human race, and the human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering--these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life; But poetry, beauty, romance, love--these are what we stay alive for."
~Professor Keating (Robin Williams) in Dead Poet's Society

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"five gallons of rant", "it's just me", "miniband is...", "save the princess", "thespians do it onstage", "tree!", always wanting something different, appreciation of fine art, assurance of different perspectives, autumn splendor, being flightless and falling, believing anyway, blurred reflections in windows, bright sparkly things, cardboard-box adventures, coffee in rose-mary's kitchen, collecting fuzzy stuffed animals, completely arbitrary things, confusion with a 'k', crazy insane maniacal laughter, crimson spilled in inkwells, cuddling with my teddybear, destiny's hourglass, dewdrops on grass, dimly-lit bookstores, dreams of impossibilities, ever-lasting hugs, expressing unfettered creativity, fading whispers, fairy-tale romance, faith in the bible, feather-soft touch, fingers touching my hair, firelight and star glow, flowers bound with ribbon, forever-after love stories, forget-me-not, framing sepia toned pictures, frolicking through falling snow, gently as rain falls, god always being there, golden sunsets and sailboats, half-remembered like dreams, having perfect timing, heroes and chivalry, hippo-noodle soup, hunky bishounen, ice castles and snowglobes, imperceptible significance, in the rain dancing, infinite wonder, innocence and naivety, intricate harmonies, introspective self examination, involvement in theatrical things, irrelevence just because, irridescent shiny-ness, josh groban impersonations, just beyond the corner, kindred souls, knowing you so well, long walks in shadow, making angels in snow, manga obsessions, margins with scribbled notes, memoirs of a dream, misty green things, moot points being made, musical theatre performances, musicals and soundtracks, nastalgia in your smile, notes to lovers, novelty or antique shops, nuances of air, obsessions with cheese, old letters reverently kept, only a rose, other ends of spectrums, performing for no audiences, petals blown by breezes, poems without titles, poetry in coffee houses, puddle jumping with landrew, quaint country gardens, recollections of a windchime, reflections of eternity, regretting getting a wish, remembering days gone by, romance and yellow roses, romantic atmosphere plus you, sandy beaches plus barefeet, scarlet colored falling leaves, scrubs as fashion statements, seasons when they change, secrets whispered by moonlight, sending you a song, sending-and-recieving handwritten letters, sharing magical moments, shedding silent tears, shining starlight, sketching smiley faces, smelling gardens through windows, snowflakes like white lace, snuggly warm fuzzies, softly strumming your guitar, softness to the touch, sometimes not wanting solitude, songs sung by you, soul between the lines, starless voids, stars shining at twilight, stories written well, storybook stories, streetlights melting into fog, subtley beautiful things, sunlight through my windows, tangents of thought, tasting the summer wind, telling the truth onstage, textures of music, that which is unseen, thespian troupe 5995, thieving random icons, things hoped for, things written on napkins, times for every purpose, treasure hunts with billy, treasuring these memories, true love's existence, tunelessly humming, un-religious christianity, un-sung music, uninterupted solitude, velvet silences, waiting for the rain, waltzing beneath the stars, wanting to touch you, watercolor dreams, whimsical notions and such, wind on the water, windows to infinity, wings of the morning, wordless poems, words ending in -age, working in a nursing-home, working midnights at pinecrest